IMLS on YouTube: National Aquarium Teaches with Watershed Moments

Please watch this video on the IMLS YouTube Channel. It features staff members of the National Aquarium in Baltimore describing “Watershed Moments,” a staff-led interactive program for presentation in its 250-seat auditorium. Funded by an IMLS Museums for America grant, Watershed Moments is a key component of the aquarium’s multifaceted strategic initiative for the Chesapeake Bay. The program encourages active stewardship and lifelong learning by integrating visitors’ varied experiences with the aquarium and helping visitors connect these experiences with their own lives in the watershed.

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3 Responses to IMLS on YouTube: National Aquarium Teaches with Watershed Moments

  1. Aquarium Jon says:

    LOVE IT when kids are taught conservation using aquariums as a tool. I wish there was more education throughout the entire aquarium not just in a small room at random times that only a small group gets to see. Too many people believe that only a small group of scientist think the climate is changing in an unnatural way.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Conny! The evaluation report on this project is available in the Case Study Supplement to the final report: Watershed Moments begins on page 56.

  3. Conny Graft says:

    I loved this video and the way you approached the project with different experiments and evaluations. I also loved how you took the original program and put sections of it into your other core programs. Is it possible to get a copy of the evaluation of this project? Were you able to do follow up studies to see if visitors’ were actually following up with some of the actions you were recommending?