WebWise Workshops Announced

This blog was originally published on the WebWise 2014 blog.

By Lisa Rhody

For the second year in a row, WebWise participants are playing an important part in shaping this year’s conference.  At the beginning of December, we opened up an IdeaScale voting forum where participants suggested and voted on topics for workshops they wanted to participate in at this year’s WebWise.

WebWise will offer eleven workshops throughout the three days of the conference, ranging in length from 50 minutes to 90 minutes. Workshops will run concurrently with other “unconference” style sessions called WiseCamp. The unconference model lets participants suggest and run their own sessions. We will post more information about WiseCamp in the coming weeks.

With the IdeaScale votes tallied, these are the most popular workshops:

  • Building a Successful Crowdsourced Project
  • Designing Accessible Digital Projects
  • Introduction to the Digital Public Library of America
  • Working with Digital Public Library of America Content Hubs
  • Digital Preservation
  • Generating Revenue for Digital Projects
  • Working with APIs
  • Evaluating Digital Projects
  • Planning for Sustainability
  • Publicizing your Project
  • Indexing Oral Histories

Descriptions of these workshops will soon be posted to this website, check back for more details. All workshops will be available on a first-come, first-served basis as space allows. Participants do not need to pre-register. All WebWise conference participants are eligible to attend.

Thank you to the many conference attendees who voted in IdeaScale and who helped shape this year’s workshop offerings. WebWise 2014 will be packed with opportunities to learn best practices for leveraging digital technologies for the benefit of your archive, library, or museum.

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3 Responses to WebWise Workshops Announced

  1. John says:

    I wonder if these workshops are being video taped? I think have ing the tapes available on this site could be of great benefit to all.

    Just a thought and sharing information is what the internet is all about.

  2. William Perry says:

    As a professional grant writer with substantial strategic business project management & development for commercial businesses and non-profit organizations, I am surprised that the non-profit organizations do not take full advance of the grants that are available to them. However, Webwise Workshops provide an ideal opportunity to learn how to take advantage of public & private grant programs.

  3. Jeff Jenkins DDS says:

    It’s always nice to see participants involved in WebWise. It’s very important that we keep these great workshops available to everyone.