Growing Healthy Snacks

Powell Gardens, Kansas City’s Botanical Garden
Kingsville, MO

Students learning about healthy food choices at the Powell Gardens' Good to Grow program.

Powell Gardens’ Good to Grow program features age-appropriate modules on nutrition and healthy living taught within the nation’s largest edible landscape, the Heartland Harvest Garden. Students learn how to make smart food choices while experiencing the benefits of “green” exercise. In module one, students learn what is takes to raise healthy produce. Plus, they see and touch the plants behind some favorite treats like marshmallows and popcorn. In module two, students are physically active while splashing around in the Water Conservation Courtyard, by exploring the Tutti Frutti Maze, and by climbing atop the 40-foot Missouri Barn silo. In module three, students discover nutrient-dense foods while creating a healthy garden snack. Over 1000 students from the Greater Kansas City area participated in the Good to Grow program in 2012. From watching seedlings sprout to preparing a healthy snack, students see, smell, taste, and touch what is takes to bring healthful food from seed to plate.

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