One Response to Libraries and Museums Respond to Superstorm Sandy

  1. Sarah Lester says:

    During the past week, more than 13,000 people have come to the Main Library of the Maplewood Memorial Library to get warm, charge their devices, use our public computers and connect to our wifi. In a town where 90% of the residents lost their power, many people have expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the library. This email encapsulates the feeling of most:

    Thanks to you & your staff for the hospitality, patience, forebearance & splendid work during the post-Sandy mess w/o which we would have been virtually thrown on the street or freezing in our ‘homes’. Vivant, crescant et floreant you & your splendid staff, individually & collectively!!!
    F Kabalin

    At a Township Emergency Planning meeting this morning the Mayor said that although Town Hall served as the emergency center for Maplewood, the Maplewood Library has served as a vitala community center for the entire Maplewood community. I couldn’t be prouder of our library staff.

    Sarah Lester
    Director, Maplewood Memorial Library