IMLS on YouTube: WebWise Demonstrations

By Kevin O’Connell, IMLS Senior Public Affairs Officer

One of the highlights of our WebWise conference each year is the time set aside for museum professionals, librarians, and archivists to show their peers the web-related projects they’ve been working on. Our YouTube channel now features interviews I conducted with five of this year’s demonstrators. Watch them here or on the IMLS YouTube channel.

“What’s really interesting is that the relationships we’re building here are all centered around how can we share technology…”
Dean Haddock and Virginia Millington discuss StoryCorps’ archive project.

“At San Francisco State, we realized that unique local 16mm news film and documentaries…during typically the social upheaval and change of the 1960s, which were nationally important, were being destroyed…dumped..or neglected.”
Alex Cherian, Resident Film Archivist at San Francisco State University, discusses the San Francisco Bay Area Television Archive.

“People were talking about, ‘What is the DPLA? What does it look like? What does it do?’ And we thought, to kind of relieve some tension off of people wanting to build things, we would do something called a beta sprint.”
Rachel Frick, Director of the Digital Library Federation, CLIR, on the Digital Public Library of America Beta Sprint.

“The fan community in a sense has provided us with a very interesting opportunity to build a socially constructed website.”
Robin Chandler, Project Manager, discusses the University of California at Santa Cruz’s Grateful Dead Archive.

“We’re going from the authority of, ‘This is the official photo’ and ‘This is the official curator’s statement’ to user feedback…Whoever visits the museum has just as much to say, and it’s just as important…”
Lindsay O’Leary and Molly Tighe of the Mattress Factory discuss P{art}icipate: An Active Archive

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