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It’s Time for a National Digital Public Library

By Susan Hildreth Director, IMLS The vision of a national digital library has been circulating among librarians, scholars, educators, and private industry representatives since the early 1990s. But no project has yet succeeded in bringing these different interests together. The … Continue reading

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Vision for the Walters Art Museum – A 21st Century Skills Challenge

By Gary Vikan Director, the Walters Art Museum My participation on the IMLS 21st Century Skills Task Force was at once intense and transformative.  Intense, insofar as nearly two dozen museum and library professionals from around the nation – with … Continue reading

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Children’s Services at Public Libraries: A Port in the Storm

By Deanne W. Swan and Carlos A. Manjarrez Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation, IMLS The public library is the one place that offers all children, rich or poor, equal access to information. Libraries provide resources and experiences that support … Continue reading

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Children’s Museum of Houston – Strategic Planning for 21st Century Museums

By Tammie Kahn Executive Director, Children’s Museum of Houston In the summer of 2009, the board and staff managers at the Children’s Museum of Houston decided to use IMLS’s 21st Century Skills report as a planning framework for our strategic … Continue reading

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