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The Art of Kūkākūkā

By Alison Freese Senior Program Officer, Native American/Native Hawaiian Library Services, IMLS Have you ever attended a keynote address where the speaker presents an idea and then says: “Now pair off with someone sitting near you and kūkākūkā about that … Continue reading

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Q&A with Chris Draft: Let’s Read. Let’s Move.

By Natasha Marstiller Public Affairs Specialist, IMLS Last month former NFL Linebacker and children’s book author Chris Draft visited IMLS at the National Book Festival Pavilion of the States.   Chris Draft has participated in Let’s Read/Let’s Move events and through … Continue reading

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It’s Not Speed Dating, but Poster Sessions Do Have Many Benefits

By Michele Farrell Senior Library Program Officer, IMLS I love poster sessions.  I can see what new ideas are being tried and have a quick word with the researcher.  Time is so tight at conferences and waiting to speak to … Continue reading

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