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Interview: Georgia Public Library Service

IMLS staff interviewed state librarians to discuss how their new five-year plans for Grants to States funds (2013-2017) differ from their past plans (2008-2012) and how they see the needs of library users in their states changing and evolving. This … Continue reading

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Training for Librarians in Florida Tackles Autism Spectrum Disorder

By Nancy Everhart Director, PALM Center School of Information, Florida State University Though parents of children with autism spectrum disorders would love to give their kids the opportunities afforded by public libraries, they are sometimes hesitant to take them to public … Continue reading

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Pioneer Sunday at UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures

By Brandon Anioł Educational Specialist, UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures Spring break is an exciting way to greet the prospect of warmer weather. In San Antonio, Texas, the Institute of Texan Cultures (ITC) is encouraging visitors to discover the roots … Continue reading

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Letting the Sun Shine In: How Open Data Furthers Open Government

By Maria Raviele Evaluation Officer, IMLS This week marks Sunshine Week, celebrating the importance of both open government and open information.  At IMLS, we believe that open government and transparency are essential to ensuring the success of the agency’s mission. … Continue reading

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Digital Badging: An opportunity for libraries and museums

By Susan H. Hildreth Director, IMLS From that scouting badge to a high school diploma to a certificate for continuing education credits, most of us have been collecting physical artifacts that recognize our achievements throughout our lives. As more and … Continue reading

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